The 5’6” casually dressed woman spends much of her day thinking about blood and guts – the kind that ooze, changes color, and often trigger serious distress in most people. She wonders how injuries will look days after being left untreated or insufficiently treated. When it comes to innovative training, she is the best in the business.


As president and CEO of SIMETRI, Angela Alban leads a team of engineers and artists who produce realistic injured and diseased anatomical models. The simulated wounds – or moulage – are essential training tools for medics and other emergency medical responders, including soldiers who treat injured buddies during a mission.


SIMETRI was recently chosen by Laerdal Medical to produce  “trauma limbs” to compliment the high-fidelity, full-body patient simulators they delivered to the Department of the Army.(Under the Medical Simulation Training Centers Technical Refresh Contract (W900KK-18-D-0013-002).


Laerdal’s contract provides new manikins to the U.S. Army Medical Simulation Training Centers  (MSTC), where sustainment and enhanced medical training is provided to Combat Medics and all non-medical Soldiers across the Active Army, Reserve and National Guard. The MSTCs provide hands-on instruction on the latest battlefield trauma and critical care techniques based on Army Medical Department (AMEDD) approved performance oriented Programs of Instruction (POI).  Medical treatment validation exercises simulate the high stress of performing medical interventions in combat.  


Alban said: “With realistic medical simulation, we can replicate the high stress of performing interventions in combat. We’re able to prepare emergency responders for the latest traumatic injuries and critical-care techniques.”


SIMETRI recently completed an innovative design of morphing moulage that progresses, as any injury would, based on level, type and timeliness of care.  The 12-month contract to produce the first-of-its-kind self-actualizing moulage was awarded to SIMETRI by the U.S. Army Research Lab.

SIMETRI, in partnership with Laerdal,  will be demonstrating moulage (booth #2473) at I/ITSEC on Nov. 26 – 30 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. 




SIMETRI, Inc. is a woman-and minority-owned small business that develops creative, realistic technologies to improve medical outcomes. Founded in 2009 in the nation’s capital for modeling, simulation and training, SIMETRI offers innovative training technology that is conceptualized, researched, developed and manufactured at their laboratory in Winter Park, Florida, just outside of Orlando.