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SIMETRI Develops Burn Surgical Procedure Training System

Every year in the U.S., there are nearly half a million burn injury patients that require treatment, with approximately 40,000 with required hospitalizations and 3,400 deaths. Many burn patients must undergo a critical surgical procedure called an escharotomy, in which precise cuts are made through the eschar (burned skin) of a patient to relieve constriction caused by burn wounds.

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SIMETRI Awarded Contract to Upgrade Gender Retrofit Kit for Human Patient Simulators

After finishing initial development of a gender retrofit kit to integrate with existing human patient simulators, SIMETRI is updating the kit in response to testing conducted by the Army Medical Department (AMEDD).

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SIMETRI Teams with Laerdal to Deliver Trauma Manikins to the U.S. Army

The 5’4” casually dressed woman spends much of her day thinking about blood and guts – the kind that oozes, changes color, and often triggers serious distress in most people. She wonders how injuries will look days after being left untreated or insufficiently treated. When it comes to innovative training, she is the best in the business.

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