Enhance your medical training with our realistic moulage

SIMETRI’s collection of moulage are used to create a complex simulated injury with easy application and multiple usability. These handmade silicone appliances come in a variety of options that cover a multitude of injuries.


Hyper realistic limbs teaching tourniquet placement and arterial bleeding in clinical or field trauma simulations.


Electrical burns, and Third Degree burns seen in trauma medicine are singed in debris and can be applied in minutes.

Open Wounds

Reusable, realistic-looking external or internal break in body tissue for reusable wounds for simulated medical training.


Our multiple caliber gunshot wounds provide a vivid illustration on trauma caused by a bullet from a firearm.


When performing a cricothyrotomy, a cut is made to the skin on the neck. These replacement skins are used multiple times.


For added effect, simulated bullet fragments, glass and pieces of metal provide intense impact on any wound.