Elevating Your Medical Training with SIMETRI’s Innovative Products

Whether you’re training one student or a class of students, SIMETRI offers a collection of innovative products that are key to providing an immersive experience for a wide variety of training experiences. Whether moulage, part task trainers, trauma tattoos or makeup supplies, our easy-to-navigate catalogues makes shopping with SIMETRI a breeze.

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SIMETRI offers a wide variety of silicone appliances used to create a complex simulated injury with easy application and multiple usability.

Part Task Training

This part task training device collection is designed to allow for a user’s repeated practice of a specific medical skill in order to master it.

Trauma Tattoos

These easy, realistic paper transfer tattoos are used for creating and enhancing trauma injuries on human skin or simulator manikins.

Makeup Supply

A collection of must-have products used in creating, applying, and removing special effect trauma moulage prosthetics and makeup.