SIMETRI will be demonstrating its female retrofit kit at 2018 I/ITSEC (AITC booth #1963). The Human Patient Simulator Gender Retrofit Kit (GRK) converts the popular male manikin – currently used to train military medics – into a female simulator. Realistic training is key to establishing norms around treating wounded women soldiers, who after chest trauma, may not receive the same prompt diagnosis men do.

Angela Alban, president of Orlando-based SIMIETRI, said: “Medics may hesitate with certain types of injuries to women because they are not exposed to simulated female patients. But that puts female warfighters and casualties at risk. Tension pneumothorax, often resulting from a chest wound, is the third highest cause of death on the battlefield. But it is completely avoidable with prompt diagnosis and treatment. If a medic is hesitating to treat a female with this condition, it could put her survival at risk.”

The anatomically correct GRK provides trainees an opportunity to learn critical tasks and techniques required to treat female patients. As a conversion kit, it maximizes the use of existing training devices, enabling them to serve an additional purpose and preventing the purchase of a new female-specific Human Patient Simulator. The models are installed over an existing manikin without voiding the manikin’s warranty.

The Human Patient Simulator GRK face mask, chest, and genitalia are highly realistic and come  in light, medium, and dark skin tones.

The GRK development was funded by the U.S. Army and currently under evaluation for transition to the Warfighter for medical training across the Department of Defense.


SIMETRI, Inc. is a woman-and minority-owned small business that develops creative, realistic technologies and services to improve medical outcomes. Founded in 2009 and located just outside of Orlando, Fla., the nation’s capital for modeling, simulation and training, SIMETRI offers end-to-end training solutions that are conceptualized, researched, developed and manufactured in an on-site laboratory.