SIMETRI, Inc. gave I/ITSEC 22 conference attendees the opportunity to test their emergency care skills on the company’s groundbreaking new multi-modal medical simulation technology this week at the world’s largest modeling and simulation conference in Orlando, Florida. Guests interacted with M3TS, a new point-of-injury training system integrating augmented reality and haptic technology with physical models throughout the convention’s Nov. 28–Dec. 1 exhibit-floor runtime.

“Medical procedures and the people who perform them are incredibly complex, so expert training must reinforce many separate but interrelated skills. Muscle memory, visual familiarity, tactile sensitivity, and vital sign data are all critical to the trainee’s experience,” said Dr. Darin Hughes, lead software engineer for SIMETRI, Inc. “Rather than limit ourselves to a single modality, we explored what works best from each—physical simulators, augmented reality, companion software, diagnostic technology—to craft M3TS, a solution that hits all of these training marks.”

I/ITSEC guests will be able to train two M3TS procedures at the SIMETRI booth: The Smart Tourniquet and Smart NPA (nasopharyngeal airway).

The Smart Tourniquet combines a realistic amputated limb physical simulator developed by the company’s special effects engineers and material scientists with a tablet-based mobile application that includes a visual display of the patient’s condition – replicating vital signs and monitoring tourniquet tension to ensure it has been properly tightened to reduce bleeding. The Smart NPA allows trainees to insert a nasopharyngeal airway into a lifelike physical model that simulates the head and shoulders of a female patient. A tablet-based mobile application includes a visual display of the patient’s anatomy, an animation of NPA insertion during the procedure and casualty vital signs that monitor breathing to determine proper insertion.

“We were excited to let the public experience M3TS at I/ITSEC and received fantastic feedback,” said Angela Alban, founder and CEO of SIMETRI, Inc. “This is just a sample of what we’ve been working on. We already have an entire AR/Haptic Care Under Fire system for combat medics in development under the M3TS umbrella, so the interactive procedures at I/ITSEC will help us emphasize the diversity of applications for our multi-modal approach.”

About SIMETRI. SIMETRI’s diverse team of scientific field experts enhances every step of critical-care training, supporting medical heroes with cutting-edge tools and curricula, serving a wide range of clients as a comprehensive scientific solutions provider. A woman and minority-owned small business with headquarters in Winter Park, Florida, SIMETRI creates customer solutions in-house from start to finish ‒ including R&D, prototyping and manufacturing. They design, staff, implement and evaluate training curricula uniquely tailored to meet each client’s demands. SIMETRI’s product line includes an extensive collection of moulage, part-task trainers, and integrated software and technology.