SIMETRI-Medical-simulation-Needle-Chest-Decompression-2SIMETRI was contracted by Engineering and Computer Simulations, Inc. and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory Human Research and Engineering Directorate Simulation Training Technology Center (ARL-HRED STTC) to research and develop a haptics- and sensor-based Needle Chest Decompression training system. This effort included many tasks, including:

• Casting a human model, creating the external skin and underlying simulated anatomy, to provide a highly accurate representation of human physiology.
• Developing an integrated electronics design for instructor assistance through partnership with ArtSimMagic.
• Engagement of mechanical engineering services from Indra to reduce risk during manufacturing.
• Delivery of a fully documented system for usability testing.

SIMETRI-Medical-simulation-Needle-Chest-Decompression-1This work also include materials research, mechanical design, fluid management research, and sensor / automation development.