SIMETRI is announcing the development of SIMCPR – an integrated sensor and mobile application that modifies legacy medical manikins to comply with the American Heart Association’s newest CPR training requirements.

SIMETRI was approached by Advent Health in late 2020. because they lacked instrumented manikins to provide the necessary data and understood that visual CPR assessments would be less accurate and operationally unrealistic. SIMETRI created SIMCPR to solve this training gap.

SIMCPR works by placing a sensor underneath medical manikin ribcage, which transmits data to an accompanying app. The device measures the number and depth of chest compressions administered during CPR training – important information to have, as the AHA announced in 2020 that instructors are only allowed to count compressions that reach a required minimum depth.

“We’re grateful Advent Health came to us with this problem,” said Angela Alban, SIMETRI’s president and CEO. “In engineering an affordable solution, SIMETRI created a device that will help countless other medical centers comply with AHA requirements and, more importantly, really perfect their CPR capabilities.”

SIMETRI delivered 16 SIMCPR systems to Advent Health in the summer of 2021, saving the health care providers a significant amount in comparison to the cost of new manikins. SIMETRI has since added the devices to their consumer-accessible catalog.