Realistic training devices offer better preparation

For many purposes, especially for learning particular tasks and skills, it is only necessary to replicate specific portions of the patient or task. Park-task trainers provide just the key elements of the procedure or skill being learned, allowing a student to focus solely on a particular procedure and to use it for repeated practice to achieve mastery.


“Many of the training devices currently in use are not as realistic as they should be to make the experience as immersive as possible. We’re working with subject matter experts and testing our prototypes with students to obtain immediate feedback and evaluation. Our goal is to make part-task trainers that are as realistic as possible. They resemble the human body, and provide haptic response, so the learner can touch and feel the anatomy and it’s very accurate. It looks like, and reacts to human touch and to any kind of intervention, like a medical procedure. ” – Angela M. Alban