Susan Lundine
Managing Editor
Orlando Business Journal

angela-alban-CEO of the yearMany CEOs generate profits and provide great products and services — but some take leadership to an even higher level, earning the respect of their workers, clients and community.

This year, Orlando Business Journal will honor 28 CEOs at the helm of some of Central Florida’s most well-known and emerging firms who have shown their ability to navigate current market conditions successfully and leave a lasting legacy through their community involvement.

Angela M. Alban is president and CEO of Simetri, an Orlando tech firm that develops immersive medical training technologies and products by merging art with science. It produces realistic, interactive, reusable anatomical models to improve medical outcomes through more effective, realistic training. The firm won a U.S. Army contract in late 2014 to develop the next-generation human patient simulator, a “living,” breathing manikin that can convince doctors and nurses they’re treating actual patients.

Height: 5’6”

Alma maters: Emory University; University of Central Florida

My most life-changing experience: Becoming a mother

Riskiest thing I’ve ever done: Start a company

What makes me laugh: Everything

Pet peeve: Arrogance

What I’d teach a fifth-grade class: Compassion

Movie I’d watch over and over: MacFarland, USA

Favorite cause: Early intervention and inclusive education

Key business accomplishment in the past 12 months: Expansion

Future business plans: Commercialize IP

Company’s most impressive business statistic: Revenue growth in 2015

When did you know you wanted to be a CEO? 2005

Describe your characteristics that make you a great CEO: Visionary, focused, strategic, compassionate, leader

What’s something you did that illustrates those characteristics: Actively serve on nonprofit boards throughout and across the community

Which world leader, living or dead, do you admire most?: Jimmy Carter

Are you a thrill-seeker? I’m starting to realize I am. I enjoy cycling and traveling to new places with minimal planning.

Your birth order among your siblings: Second of three

Introverted or extroverted?: Introverted