We conduct evaluations to determine and quantify the positive effects of our technologies.

Testing SIMETRI products in the field to keep on the cutting edge

SIMETRI rigorous usability tests and training effectiveness evaluations to ensure that requirements are being addressed across the medical training spectrum and to quantify the tangible benefits associated with each trainer’s use. Tests are in a variety of locations and conditions, and utilize the
insights of several users, including EMTs, nurses, physicians, and military personnel. Their feedback helps us make modifications to improve our products with an eye toward the future.

This forward thinking and planning keeps SIMETRI on the cutting edge. Before fielding systems and incorporating them into standard training curriculum, it is crucial to assess their true effectiveness in achieving the goal of producing trained personnel. Once the TEE collects meaningful data, it is analyzed to assess the effectiveness of the training technologies.

Students learning how to insert IV on a part task trainer by SIMETRI a medical training simulation company.

Usability Studies and Training Effectiveness Evaluation

TESTER Mobile Application

Reaction surveys taken as AAR process to measure the medical training success.

Data Reduction and Analysis