Prototypes are designed and manufactured in our in-house lab.

Prototyping and System Design Medical Training | SIMETRI

SIMETRI has partnered with the Department of Defense to create prototypes of training devices for life-saving skills, simulated amputations, and wounds used for front-line medical training. When a training gap is identified, a prototype is conceptualized to address it. The high-fidelity Humeral Head I/O Insertion part-task trainer anatomical model prototype was conceptualized for the U.S. Army to teach a procedure that, to date, had only been taught on a cadaver or animal tissue.

Prototyping medical training manikins and simulation training devices | SIMETRI

Requirements Driven Design

Companion apps for medical training and simulation prototyping | SIMETRI

Modular Software Applications

Quiz and Testing applications for medical training simulation | SIMETRI

Hardware Design and Engineering